One of the keys to a successful and easy launch is getting prepared BEFORE your launch starts. Why? Because then when you’re in launch mode you’re not busy creating everything. You have the time, space, and energy to show up and connect with your audience, which will maximise engagement and conversion.

So what should you prepare before your next launch?

A plan

I have had countless conversations with people who tell me that (until now) they have mostly just winged their previous launches.  And I get it, not everyone is a natural born planner! But having a plan for your launch – when you’re running webinars, when early bird ends, when cart close is, helps you stay on track and focused during the launch.  There are so many moving parts to a launch and it can be easy for things to get forgotten or skipped. But with a plan you and your team can show up each day clear on what tasks are required each day, rather than working on the thing that isn’t needed until next week, or procrasti-cleaning the house.  


Launches typically involve sending a tonne of emails – webinar reminders and follow ups, newsletters, early bird and cart close emails…..  There is nothing worse than getting off a webinar and realising you have to write an email before you can even send the recording, especially if email copy is not your favourite thing to do.  Instead draft them up in advance, once the webinar is done all you need to do is tweak the copy (only if necessary), add a link to the recording, and hit send. So schedule in a couple of pom sessions before your launch begins and draft up your emails ready to go.

Vlogs, blogs, or podcasts

Having pre-prepared content such as blogs, vlogs, or podcasts that are on topic for the service, course or membership you’re launching means that you can be on message during your launch without always having to be in content creation mode.  Take stock of what content you might have already available that you could repurpose or reshare. And create a list of new topics ideas, then schedule some time to batch record / write them before your launch. As you launch over and over again you’ll build up a great library of relevant content.

Social media content

Ever looked at your Facebook page and realised you haven’t posted in a couple of days, or shared anything at all relevant to what you’re launching? This is such an easy way to sabotage yourself and your launch.  But it’s completely unnecessary! Before you get into launch mode build up a library of content to be shared on your social channels, and schedule it all up in advance. Have a good mix of images, tips, links to blogs, videos, conversational posts all on topic for your launch.  Then all you need to worry about is responding to comments each day and showing up for Facebook lives. And don’t forget about your promo posts!


Frequently asked questions are so useful. Why? Not only do they prep you for the questions people are likely going to ask of you during the launch so you can have pre-prepared answers up your sleeve.  But you can also add them to your sales page, and they make great content for Facebook lives or social media posts. So before your next launch take some time to brainstorm a list of possible FAQs and answers. 

And the good news…. Once you’ve done this for one launch, it’s even easier for the next one because you can re-use all the collateral and just refresh, edit, and update it as required.  

5 things to prep before your next launch
Launching smarter not harder