Have your last few launches not reaped the rewards you wanted? Ask yourself honestly, did you show up fully? Did you do all that was required of you during the launch? Did you give your audience value? Did you connect with your audience? Are you sabotaging your launches?

Because here’s the thing, launching isn’t the problem, it’s the way you’re executing your launches. So if you think perhaps you’ve been half-assing your launches, then this one’s for you.

Launch sabotage 1 – Faffing about behind the scenes

You’re in launch mode, but rather than showing up and connecting with your audience you find yourself “busy” behind the scenes playing with the tech, creating images in Canva, or re-writing your emails for the 100th time. Yeah sure that stuff might be needed, but are you really the only one who can do it? And why didn’t you do it before your launch started?

How to fix this launch sabotage:

  • Get support with the behind the scenes of your launch so you have the time, space, and energy to be visible.
  • Have a clear launch plan and follow it
  • Get prepared before your launch starts

Launch sabotage 2 – Hiding from your community

I get it, launching can bring up all of your mindset stuff (see point 4 below), and sometimes it feels easier to hide rather than being visible. But people buy from people, so if you hide away and avoid showing up and connecting, you are sabotaging your launches.

How to fix this launch sabotage:

  • Schedule your Facebook lives so you have accountability to show up.
  • Schedule pre-recorded video content to your social channels (no one needs to know you recorded it 2 launches ago as long as its relevant and gives value)
  • Make sure you have an ongoing process to share valuable content across all your social media channels

Launch sabotage 3 – Not having a call to action

I get it, it doesn’t always come naturally to many womxn in business to ask for the sale. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Look back over your content from your previous launches, how many times did you invite people to your webinars? How many times did you talk about your program and provide the link to the sales page? How many times did you actually promote what you were launching? If you’re not actively promoting then you are sabotaging your launches.

How to fix this launch sabotage:

  • Include links to your webinar sign up page or sales page in your social posts and newsletters
  • Include a simple one liner when signing off Facebook lives “if you’d like more info about [your webinar / program] you can find more details at [insert link]

Launch sabotage 4 – Not doing the mindset and energetic work

This adventure that is online business and launching sure is the biggest personal development and mindset journey. And launching will bring up all kinds of stuff you didn’t even realise was hidden deep in your subconscious. So, if you found yourself having a pity party and convinced no one will ever buy it’s time to do something about it!

How to fix this launch sabotage:

  • Do the work – tapping, micro method, meditation, hypnosis, journalling
  • Work with a mindset practitioner before and during your launch

Launch sabotage 5 – Not giving value to your audience

Your launch is the perfect time to show people who you are, what you do, and the results they can get from working with you. But if you keep all of your good stuff only for those who pay, how are people going to experience what you have to offer and know if it’s right for them? If you’re afraid to give away some of the good stuff for free, you’re living in scarcity.

How to fix this launch sabotage:

  • Create content that gives people value that they can implement and get results from without paying
  • Do the mindset work around giving value for free

If any of those resonate, please know you’re not the only one! Everyone sabotages their launches from time to time, even if they don’t realise it. The key is being aware, and then taking action to fix it.

Are you sabotaging your launches?
Launching smarter not harder