There is a common misconception that by using automation in our business processes, it removes US from our business.  That by using tech and automating some of our business it will become cold and impersonal.

And yes there are definitely examples of this splashed across the internet. I’ve lost count of the times I have signed up for a “live” training webinar only to jump on and it be really obvious it was just a prerecorded spam fest.  And I want you to know I hate that too!

This is not what I am about. I’m about helping you to create ease and flow in your business, so the behind the scenes stuff happens as efficiently as possible, so you can spend your time and energy adding value and showing up for your clients.

How automation can give you more time

How much extra time would you like to have in a week to:

  • create content
  • do coaching sessions
  • create a course
  • or spend more time outside of your business

Imagine if you didn’t have to manually go back and forth with potential clients trying to find an appointment time that works for you both and arrange payment. And then they need to reschedule because their child got sick, and so you have to repeat the process all over again. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had an online booking system where you can specify your hours of availability, clients can choose a time (in their timezone) that works for you both, and make payment at the time of booking. If something comes up they can simply reschedule online.

How about your book keeping? Now I’m not an accountant or bookkeeper so I am not going to give any advice in this area.  But there are some really awesome and affordable bookkeeping systems out there.  Systems that integrate with your bank for easy account reconciliation, allow you to create invoices and automatically follow up when they aren’t paid, and quickly provide reports that show your financial position. Much easier than spending hours wrestling with an excel spreadsheet every month right?

These are only 2 examples of where automation of tasks and using systems in your business will help free up time and energy in your business. Because being in business shouldn’t be about spending hours doing admin, it should be about having fun, serving your clients, and doing more of what you love.

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