Do you get to the end of your launches and then just stop? I mean, the hard work is done right? What if I told you the success of most launches doesn’t actually come from what you do during your launch? That it actually comes from what you do between your launches?

Now I’m not suggesting you don’t take a well earned rest and some downtime to recharge, in fact I insist you do! But using the time between your launches to your advantage will increase your launch results next time round. Here are 6 things to do between your launches so you can set the next one up for success.

1 – Be visible

Ever noticed those people around who disappear for months on end, and then suddenly seem to be stalking you across your news feed and clogging up your inbox when they’re in launch mode? Yeah… don’t be that person!

It’s no secret that results come from consistency. So focus on showing up on socials, continuing to send regular emails to your list, being active in Facebook groups and online communities between your launches. Sure you might be a little quieter than when you’re in launch mode, but don’t let people forget who you are. Otherwise you risk starting from scratch to build an audience for your next launch.

2 – Create consistent content

The biggest factor to growing your brand and your community is showing up consistently and providing value. So make it a priority to create and publish content regularly, be that blogs, podcasts, or social media posts. Have a content creation system that lets you batch create when you’re inspired, and releases content on a regular schedule. Give people so much value that it’s a no brainer for them to purchase as soon as your next launch starts.

3 – Grow your fan base

Between your launches is the best time to focus on growing your community of raving fans. This is the time to take action to grow your list and your audience, both organically and paid. If you keep on launching the same things to the same group of people, pretty soon you’re going to run out of people who want to purchase. This is the perfect time to promote your evergreen freebies, to invite people onto your mailing list, and to let them get to know you.

4 – Talk about what you do

Even if the doors to your course or membership are closed that doesn’t mean it needs to be kept a secret. Let people know about what you have to offer! Mention it in your blogs or podcasts, talk about it on Facebook lives or Instagram Stories. Let people know the next logical step for them to take if they want to work with you. One strategy I have seen work well for my clients is creating a wait list so people who are keen can be the first to know when the doors open again.

5 – Review the last launch

Did you take some time to review your last launch to see what worked and what didn’t? Then make this a priority before you start planning your next launch! Taking the time to reflect stops you from making the same mistakes over and over again. And it helps you to see what works so you can focus more of your energy on that for your next launch. Not sure what to review? Check out this blog.

6 – Plan your next launch

Running your next launch will be so much easier if you take some time to plan your launch and get organised before it actually starts. So once you’ve done your review, map out a plan for your next launch. And take some time to organise as much as you can before you move into launch mode. Trust me, launching is way more fun when you’re not in reactive mode. For tips on what to prepare check out this blog.

Between the launches: 6 ways to increase your launch results
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