The key to success is always consistency! Consistently showing up, consistently taking action, consistency in your messaging, and consistency in your daily practices.

Here are my fave daily practices for setting myself up for success.


Meditation hasn’t always been easy for me, but it’s now a non-negotiable. A time to sit in stillness, to let the outside world fall away, and to just be.

My mentor Ricci-Jane Adams explains in her book Spiritually Fierce, that meditation is about ‘getting in the gap’. Getting in the gap between your thoughts and your emotions, and then extending that gap more and more. It’s in that gap that you find peace, and have a clearer connection to your intuition.

How you meditate is your preference. I personally cannot stand doing silent meditation, and trying to do it this way for so long was the reason I struggled with it. I need some kind of guided practice or meditation music in the background to focus my attention on, otherwise my monkey mind gets in the way!


We all know that exercise and moving our body is good for our health. But that isn’t where the benefits end! Moving my body is the best and easiest way for me to get out of my head. You know those days when you’re trying and pushing to get stuff done but it all feels too hard, get up and move. Moving your body shifts the stuck and stagnant energy, and gets you out of that over thinking, trying to hard mode. When you sit back down, trust me things will flow much easier. I also get the best ideas and solutions when I’m not actively focusing on it.


Mindset is the foundation of everything! If you don’t believe something is possible, then it’s not. A consistent mindset practice is crucial to how much action you take and the progress you make in your business. Here are some of my fave mindset practices.

  • Tapping / EFT
  • Intuitive Intelligence Micro method
  • Journalling – I have a love hate relationship with journalling. I resist it a lot, it’s not something I particularly enjoy or want to do, but when I do it consistently I see the results.

Energy and Vibration

You, and only you, are 100% responsible for your vibration and how you show up in this world. Yes sometimes life is hard, and things happen that make us feel like shit. But you always have a choice about how you respond and how it makes you feel. I consciously make space for practices that raise my vibration every single day.

  • Heart Congruence – a simple practice of dropping into your heart and focusing on feelings of gratitude, joy, freedom, and abundance. Just a few minutes will raise your vibration for hours afterwards.
  • Dancing – you can’t help but feel good after putting on some of your favourite tunes and shaking your booty for a few minutes! Check out my Spotify playlist of feel good songs if you need some inspo.

Rest aka Naps

I am a huge fan of naps. I nap most days, even if it’s just for 20 minutes (although some days it can be a few hours). As someone who often pushes and works too much, scheduling in breaks and rest have become a huge self care non-negotiable. And I know that when I take the time to lie down, even if it’s a quick nap and I don’t actually get to sleep, my productivity increases dramatically. Seriously take a nap, you’ll thank me later.

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