When we make big changes to our lives we often expect certain things to change, that’s why we do it after all. But often it’s the unexpected things that we didn’t anticipate that can have a huge impact. 

In this episode I share 7 of the unexpected things I’ve learnt since syncing my business and life with my cycle.

Key points in this episode:

  1. It’s an exercise in standing your ground, setting and honouring boundaries, and learning to say no
  2. Some people won’t understand and will thing you’re crazy
  3. The easiest changes are often the hardest to make
  4. It will impact everything in your life in some way
  5. It’s easier than you think, but it requires conscious thought
  6. You develop a great sense of self-awareness, but there is no where to hide from yourself anymore
  7. Sometimes you wish you could go back to “before” because it feels like it would be easier


Episode 20 - Lessons I\'ve learnt from syncing my business and life with my cycle