For most of my life I was a complete control freak…

I planned everything to the most minute detail as a way to control the outcome.

I lived in fear that things wouldn’t go to plan, and so I invested so much of my time and energy into trying to make sure it did. It wasn’t just about the plan, but it was planning for all of the possible outcomes and if this happened then do this or if this happens then do that.

I became paralysed by all the planning without taking much action… And it was freaking exhausting!

And this is the shadow side of planning. When we use it as a means of control.

So in today’s episode I shared some of my journey of learning to let go of my addiction to control.

Key points in this episode:

  1. We actually have very little control over what happens in the external world, only how we respond to it.
  2. The more you resist and fight your current reality, the heavier it feels and the harder it is to shift.
  3. Your plans can and will change, and you need to be flexible.
  4. The key is finding the balance between allowing your intuition to provide the ideas and inspiration, and the systems and planning to carry it out and make it happen
  5. Aligning with your cycle will support this balance


Episode 23 - The shadow side of planning