Feeling confused about the best way to get sales for your course or membership? Should you create an evergreen funnels, or is it better to do a launch?  What works better? What is easier? Here’s my take.


A launch is a specific period of time where you are promoting your offer – course, membership, VIP services.  Launches often include 1 or 2 lead magnets such as a webinar or challenge, and have a deadline by which people need to buy. That might be a special price available till a particular date, a limited time bonus, or access to purchase only being available during the launch period.

Launches generally mean you will have an influx of new clients and income at once. And because of the short concentrated time period, once the launch is complete you can focus on serving your clients or your next project.  But launches do require a lot of work preparing for and running the launch. Launches can be used for evergreen products and services, but they work particularly well for courses or memberships where you are running them live and everyone needs to start at the same time.


A funnel is an evergreen promotional process. Funnels usually include a free service or product e.g a video training, a PDF guide, or a mini course.  Through accessing the free product or service, your leads are taken through a process (usually a sequence of emails) with a call to action to purchase your paid product, service, course, or membership.

Evergreen funnels are always available, and can more easily be automated than a launch.  But they do require ongoing promotion to continue to capture new leads and grow your audience.  Funnels generally provide a more constant and consistent flow of new clients and income into your business.  Funnels are most suited to a product or service that new clients can start at any time i.e. not everyone needs to start together at the same time, or for 1:1 services.

What works best – a funnel or a launch?

It depends on you, your business, and what you’re selling.  Some people love launching, and find running 3 or 4 big launches per year, with lots of down time in between works well for them. They have systems in place to manage the influx of new clients and income,   

Some people however aren’t a fan of launching, and prefer the more steady and consistent pace of the evergreen funnel approach.  But beware of the trap of thinking an automated funnel will do all the work for you, leaving you to sit back and watch the sales roll in without any work. People buy from people, so unless you’re planning to spend mega bucks on ads, you’ll still need to show up and promote your funnel organically as well to keep attracting new leads.  

For a lot of people a model that uses both funnels and launching works well. They have evergreen funnels that continue to grow their list and audiences, and use launches to promote specific courses or services they offer at set periods throughout the year.  So consider how a mixed model could work well for your business and your services.  

Final thoughts

Regardless of which model you follow you need to ensure that you have a sales process that converts.  You must have a free offering that provides value and is enticing to cold audiences so you can grow your list.  The copy in your ads, promo posts, landing pages, sales pages, and emails must show the value in what you are offering.  And ultimately you need to ensure your process makes sales. Because if you aren’t able to convert people into paying clients, it won’t matter whether you use a funnel or a launch!

Funnels vs Launches: Which is right for you?
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