Did you get to the end of your last launch feeling drained, exhausted, or like you needed a week on a tropical island to recover?

The thing is, launching does not need to be hard work, despite what you might hear on the internet.  Yes there are lots of moving pieces to keep track of, and a long list of tasks to tick off, but no one ever said you have to exhaust yourself to be worthy of a successful launch.

Here are some simple and easy ways to make sure your next launch is as effortless as possible and avoid launch fatigue.

Have a plan

Having a plan is critical to a successful launch, and most importantly is key to making sure you don’t burn yourself out.  Why? When you have a clear plan you know exactly what needs to be done and when. When you don’t have a plan and you aren’t clear on what needs to be done, it’s easy to start DOING ALL THE THINGS because you feel like it all needs to be done now.  The to do list in your head feels never ending, and you quickly become overwhelmed just thinking about it.

So avoid launch fatigue by creating a plan, following it, tweaking as required, and then relax.

Create and schedule in advance

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you is to do as much as you can BEFORE your launch actually starts.  If you need to write emails, create social media posts, write blogs, record emails… then do it early. Trying to do everything while you’re in launch mode is a recipe for burnout! 

Reuse and repurpose

If you’ve run a launch before then there is no need to start again from scratch.  What can you reuse or repurpose from your last launch – think blogs, Facebook live topics, social media posts and images, tips, emails. If there were topics or content that worked well last launch then use it again – you don’t need to start from scratch for every single launch.

Hand work over to your team

You do not have to do everything! Let me say that again… You do not have to do everything!  Having a team to support you in your business and your launch will not only spread the workload, but it means you’re not doing this whole launch thing alone. If you’re just starting out building your team hire for the skills that are not your strengths – if you’re not a planner then get a launch manager to do all the planning and organisation, if you’re not good with tech get someone to help with the landing pages and email sequences, get a VA to manage your social media scheduling.  This will free up so much of your time, head space, and energy to do the things in your zone of genius.

Schedule breaks and down time

If you’re a recovering workaholic (like me) then it can be easy to skip taking breaks.  All of a sudden it’s 6pm and you have no idea where the day went. So schedule breaks into your calendar.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 mins to sit outside and get some air, 30 mins for a quick nap, or a yoga class.  If you schedule breaks in you’re more likely to take them! And when you take proper breaks you’re so much more productive during your working time. A simple and easy way to avoid launch fatigue.

Nourish your body  – eat, sleep, move

Make sure you’re eating good food, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and moving your body. It’s tempting when you’re in launch to get caught up thinking you’re too busy, and looking after ourselves is often the first thing to go out the door.  But when you’re taking care of your business’ number 1 asset (i.e. YOU!) you are more energised to show up for your business and your launch.

Mind your mindset

Launching can wreak havoc with your mindset, especially when you don’t have the tools or support to get you through those “nobody’s buying my thing” moments.  I personally love tapping / EFT and the Intuitive Intelligence Micro Method to clear any fear and low vibration. Having support from a mindset practitioner can be really helpful also. It’s amazing how much more energised you feel when you have your mindset in the right place.

These are just a few simple tips you can use to avoid launch fatigue next time round. Which ones will you start with? 

How to avoid launch fatigue
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