So you’ve launched once or twice, but now you’re ready to go big? The only thing holding you back is the fear you’ll literally burn yourself out? And maybe all that extra hard work may not be worth it?

Here’s the thing, launching does not have to be hard work. It’s allowed to be fun and easy, if you let it. And it is possible to get great results without working hard, I’ve seen it in my clients and their results!

So if you want to maximise the results of your next launch without burnout, then read on.

1 – Have a launch plan

If you resist planning your launches because it feels restrictive or like it cramps your style then think again. When you have a plan you are clear on exactly what actions you need to take each day in order to move towards your launch goals. A plan allows you to be intentional with your time and energy so that you’re focusing on what matters, rather than being busy doing all the things.

2 – Get prepared before your launch starts

Sometimes I feel like a stuck record, because I bang on about this all the time. But seriously if you take the time to get as much organised, written, scheduled, and ready to go in pre-launch, the easier it will be for you to show up, be visible, and connect and convert new clients into your program. And you’ll have whitespace during your launch to rest, exercise, and manage your energy.

And as a bonus you have all the launch collateral you need for next time. You just need to review and update it. No need to start from scratch.

3 – Choose easy and fun for you

One of the biggest misconceptions I see floating around the internet is that launching is hard and exhausting. Sure there is a lot to do, but you can choose to create a launch that is fun and easy.

When you force yourself to do things you really don’t want to, but you know you should, you carry that heavy energy into it. When you choose what feels good you’re more likely to actually do it, and you’ll carry that light and fun energy into the task.

If there are things that have to be done, but you really don’t wanna, outsource it! Choose the tasks that give you energy, rather than draining it.

4 – Outsource

Leading on from point 3, if you are currently doing everything in your business then it is time to start outsourcing, even if it is only while you’re in launch mode. Handover the things that you personally do not need to do, whether that’s setting up your emails, creating sales pages, scheduling your social media, or creating graphics. Give yourself some room to breathe, and let someone support you.

5 – Automate

If you haven’t embraced automation in your business yet, then now is the time!

I want to be clear, when I say automate this doesn’t mean you have to become some kind of spammy robot! When I talk about automating things, I’m meaning the things that don’t require the human touch. Leaving you free to focus on what really does need your energy and attention.

6 – Focus on your vibration

Sometimes we get so caught up in the physical 3D world, we can easily forget we are all energy first, physical second. So here is your reminder that focusing on the simple and easy things that bring you joy and raise your vibe can set you up for an amazing day.

So build in daily activities that raise your vibration and make you feel good. Perhaps its dancing, heart congruence, or yoga… whatever puts you in a great mood and gives you energy. And as a bonus, the more you do these, the more you raise your default energetic set point.

7 – Rinse, Repeat, Recycle

You do not need to to be re-inventing the wheel every launch. Creating repeatable systems and workflows that you can use time and time again will make your launches so much easier. No more forgetting to do things, missing steps, faffing about with the wrong things. Systems give you so much more head space and time freedom, which is invaluable while you’re in launch mode.

8 – Harness the power of your menstrual cycle

When we work WITH the ebb and flow of our menstrual cycles rather than resisting it, life and business really do feel so much easier. When you plan for how you’re likely to be feeling each week, and priortise tasks that are optimal during that time, you make progress towards your launch goals without needing to push through just to get things done.

9 – Celebrate every win

When you celebrate all the great things that are working in your launch and you sit in that vibration of gratitude, you invite in more good things to celebrate. So set some goals for webinar sign ups, challenge sign ups, or sales, track your progress, and celebrate every small step you make towards reaching them.

10 – Mind your Mindset

Just because this is no. 10 does not by any means make it less important than the others! We all know that launching is a great way to uncover some deep subconscious limiting beliefs, and if you don’t work on your mindset before and during your launch, you’re likely going to sabotage your launch results. So make sure you have the right mindset support in place to reach your launch goals.

So if you’re heading into a launch soon and want to do it without the overwhelm and burnout, focus on how you can make it fun and easy. Because it’s allowed to be!

Increase your launch results without burning out
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