A lot of work goes into launching, and having a team to support you definitely makes things easier.  But if you don’t have a team just yet you can still run a successful and easy launch. The key is getting organised in advance, so you can show up and connect with your audience during launch without worrying about all the other things going on.

Here are my tips and strategies for running a launch without a team.

Plan your launch in advance

Planning is an essential element of all launches, but if you don’t have a team to support you just yet, then it becomes even more critical.

Having a clear plan of what needs to happen and when will keep you focused and on track.  You know where to focus your time and energy every single day, and know what tasks require your attention when you sit down to work. 

A good launch plan will include key dates – webinars, early bird close, cart close, and all the tasks that are required to deliver / reach each of those milestones. 

Get organised before your launch starts

Once you have your plan you can then work out all the elements and collateral you’ll need for your launch and can start organising everything before your launch officially starts.  

  • What emails do you need to write
  • What images and graphics do you need
  • Create or update your sales page
  • Create your Facebook ads (if you’re running them)
  • Write up a couple of different variations or promo posts for your webinars and product or service

Batch create content to support your launch

If you create regular content – social media, blogs, podcasts, or vlogs, then take some time to batch create enough content to get you through your launch, and a few weeks after the launch is finished.  Having a backlog of content allows you to remain consistent, but having it all taken care of before the launch means your focus can stay on launch related activities. 

And a bonus tip – create content that is on topic for the product or service you’re launching.

Schedule your content

Scheduling in advance is another way to make a solo launch easier.  Take advantage of the Facebook page scheduling tool, or a tool like Social Bee, and schedule up as much content as you can in advance.  Tips, blogs / vlogs, quotes, pre-recorded videos, even your webinar promo and sales posts can be scheduled in advance.  

You’re then free in launch mode to show up with your real life on the go posts or Facebook lives, trusting that all your other content is taken care of.

Be ready to welcome people 

Launching isn’t just about selling, it’s also about welcoming in the people who have purchased your course or membership. So make sure you have everything ready to roll out the welcome mat to your new clients.  Have the Facebook group setup and ready, welcome emails written and sending automatically, and all the info your new client needs available to them as soon as they have made payment.  

Have systems for your launch tasks

Systems save you time and energy, because you don’t need to think about what to do or how to do it, you just follow the steps.  Create some simple systems and checklists for all the tasks you need to complete e.g. running your webinar, publishing content, welcoming new clients.  It will help you be more efficient, make sure you don’t forget any steps, and when you’re ready for a team you can easily hand over the tasks to them.

The key to launching without a team is giving yourself the time and space to prepare before your launch starts. Focus on showing up and promoting your course or membership, knowing that everything is taken care of.

Manage your launch without a team
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