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If you’re a womxn in online business looking to scale and systemise your business, then you’ve come to the right place!

Hi I’m Laura, and I help amazing womxn like you get stuff done in your business, so you have more time and energy to focus on the things you love!

Systemising all facets of your launches so you can show up and be the talent

Streamlining your business so everyone always knows what needs to be done next

Setting up your sales funnels so you’re growing your audience

Automating and implementing smart systems

Working to your strengths isn’t lazy or undisciplined. It’s actually the smartest thing you can do for your business, your energy levels, and your sanity.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

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What to review at the end of your next launch

What to review at the end of your next launch

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Tech you need for an easy launch

Tech you need for an easy launch

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What to outsource for your next launch

What to outsource for your next launch

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Laura has been one of the most helpful team members in growing my business! She made sure my funnel works smoothly, built 2 online courses for me, and helps with little techy things here and there.

What's special about working with Laura is that she is so patient and kind, and she makes lots of helpful video tutorials for me so that I know how to go back in and do it myself or send it to my VA if needed. She's also SUPER helpful with last minute crisis things (like, Ah! I can't fix this, help!) and she's on a totally different time zone than me.

Laura is seriously a godsend for systemising and growing your online biz, and SUCH a pleasure to work with! Can't wait to keep growing with her on my team.

Orit Krug

Laura is so incredibly knowledgeable about various systems and different options to systemise in a customised way for your unique business.  She's helped me migrate from one system to another as my business grew, starting with one solution that literally saved me hours every single day and created a much better customer experience, to helping me upgrade further when the time came, to save me time again and also further enhance my client's experience.  

Time is such a valuable asset, and working with Laura will save you both time and money in the long run.  She's a systems guru, very patient and easy to learn from, and constantly adding value without even being asked.  During a session to problem solve one issue, I mentioned a different issue in passing, and sure enough, she had an easy and fast fix that saved me even more time!   She's a whiz -- You can't go wrong working with her if you're an entrepreneur or solopreneur!

Christine Collins

I've invested a lot on my biz, and working with Laura has been by far the best return on investment because although I don't see the direct, systems = dollars like I might say working with someone on marketing. I DO see systems = time and mental energy saving which makes me enjoy what I do SO much more!!

Working with Laura has saved me an enormous amount of time and energy. She is literally only ever an email away and manages to translate my 'help I've broken x' into 'all good I got you!' and reign in my fanatical ideas of 'can we do x?' to a calm and grounded process. 

If you're thinking about working with Laura don't walk, RUN! Don't spend hours and countless energy expenditure trying to google it, just hire Laura, she gets the job done while you're doing the things you want to do in your biz!

Suzanne Culberg

Laura has been a godsend to my biz! She has helped me with many of my systems but her support in setting up Kartra for me and dealing with my ongoing questions has been amazing. I love having her calm, supportive energy in my business. She is efficient and willing to share her wisdom, often using loom so that I can learn from the process as well. Thank you Laura for everything (and I'm sure there'll be more!) ❤️

I invested in one of Laura's launch packages and OMG! She has literally been AMAZING!!
Not only has she supported me to think outside the box and help me to come up with some ingenious and completely new ways to spread my message and my offer but she has also supported me with some back end stuff - that drives me a little cray cray.
She has supported me to achieve my best launch results yet - culminating in a 30K launch and a circle of incredibly inspiring and enthusiastic participants who have taken a huge leap and invested in themselves and the success of their businesses through my Soul Connection Mentoring Program.
Celebrating that launching is now not only enjoyable but extremely successful - for myself and my clients - woohoo!

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