It can be really overwhelming right? Thinking about all the different apps and systems you need to keep your business running smoothly. An appointment booking system, email marketing, book keeping and invoicing, content creation, project management just to name a few. It seems like way too much work to get that all up and running, so you just keep trucking along doing what you’ve always done.

And yes, it can be a bit of work getting everything setup.  But once its all up and running, having the right processes and systems in place really will give you freedom in your business.

1 – Systems mean simple processes can happen on autopilot – even when you’re asleep, or on holiday. Customers want to book an appointment, they can do it themselves via your online calendar and make payment at the same time. No more back and forth between you to try and find a time that suits and arrange payment.

2 – Consistency of process reduces decision making, you don’t have to think about what to do or how to do it, you just do it. Leaving valuable brain power for the things that really need it like content creation or coaching sessions.

3 – Consistent processes create consistent outcomes – if you always do it the same way, you know what you’ll get at the end. Think about places like Subway or McDonald’s. Personally I never eat at these places, but they are great examples of the value of consistent processes. No matter where in the world you go a Big Mac will pretty much be exactly the same because its always made using the same process.

4 – When you have consistent documented processes you can outsource or delegate tasks. Thinking about getting a VA or outsourcing some of the work in your business? You wont be able to do this without a clear and documented process of exactly what needs to happen and how you want it done. So start now! Even if a VA is way off in the future for your business, by starting to document your processes now it will make the journey to outsourcing so much easier when you’re ready.

5 – Systems save time! Yep I’m sure this is a no brainer… But when tasks can be automated they can be completed much quicker than if being done manually. And self-service options for your customers mean you don’t need to get involved unless absolutely necessary.

6 – Systems create flow and help to reduce bottlenecks. Does it feel like nothing happens unless you make it happen? Systems enable you to create flow in your business, so each task triggers the next action, as and when required. No more bottlenecks waiting for you to take action.

Launching smarter not harder