One of the things people often underestimate when it comes to launching is the different tools you need…. emails, webinars, payment processors and more.  Launching is definitely an exercise in uplevelling your tech skills. But with the right tools in place, it really does make launching easier.

Below I have outlined some of the key tools you should consider before your next launch.

Project Management Tool

Launches come with a long list of tasks to be ticked off. And the easiest way to assign and track that everything is being done is using a project management tool.  I personally love ClickUp, but there are so many available including Asana, Trello, or Teamwork.

Having all your tasks in one place will allow you to easily see what’s on track, what needs your attention, and what to focus on each day when you sit down to work.

Webinar tool

I have learnt from my mentor Tash Corbin that running live webinars is by far the best and easiest way to run a connected launch.  

Zoom is my go to video call and webinar tool.  I recommend the Zoom Pro plan (this is the first tier paid plan) at a minimum during launches as the free plan limits you to 40 minutes once you have more than 2 people in the Zoom room with you.  

You can easily use Zoom Pro to run webinars when you’re just starting out, but depending on how many webinar sign ups you get you may also need the ‘Webinar’ add on.  

You can also use Zoom to live stream to both Facebook and YouTube. So if you’re planning some scheduled Facebook lives, an interview series, or even want to easily move between being on camera and sharing your screen, Zoom is great to have on hand. 

Email Marketing tool

Building and communicating with your list is an essential launch and ongoing business activity.  You’ll need to be collecting webinar registrations, sending emails with the webinar replays, and of course letting people know about your course or membership.

Depending on where you’re at in business will depend on what platform is right for you.  I love ActiveCampaign for email marketing, but if you’re looking for an all in one tool that includes email marketing and online courses and memberships then Kartra may be a good choice for you.  

Social Media Scheduler

Scheduling up content on your social platforms in advance is an absolute must for a stress free launch. How you schedule will depend on the platforms you use. Facebook has a native scheduler which can also be used for Instagram, but you’ll likely need a third party tool for platforms such as Pinterest.  Social Bee is a favourite of mine. 

Graphic Design Tool

Having great looking and eye capturing images helps your brand stand out on social media.  And the good news is you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create amazing images. There are a number of graphic design tools such as Canva that you can use to create graphics and images for social media, email headers, sales pages and more.  If you’re not creative then start with their templates and customise with your colours, text, and logos.

Payment processor 

When you’re selling something, you obviously need an easy way to take payment.  Please don’t make it hard for people to give you their money! If you’re using an online course platform such as Kartra, Thinkific, or Udemy, you’ll be able to take payment through them.  But if you’re not at this stage yet then something simple like a PayPal button, or embedding a Stripe checkout on your website are great options too (there are a number of Stripe plugins for WordPress available). 

This list might feel overwhelming, so if you’re planning your first launch give yourself time to prepare. Please do not start trying out all these new apps and tools while you’re in launch mode!  

And remember…. If tech is not your strength, it’s ok to outsource it!

Tech you need for an easy launch
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