There is one surefire way to burn yourself out from launching and that is trying to do everything yourself!  Because the thing is we’re not awesome at everything, no one is! Some things come easily and naturally, and other things feel hard and make your head hurt.  But the good news is that you do not have to do it all alone. During a launch is the perfect time to outsource some of the work outside your zone of genius.  Even if you don’t have a permanent team, you can outsource work just for the launch period.  

So what should you outsource during your launch?

1 – Things in your launch that you are just not good at

Take a stock take of your skills, be really honest with yourself, what are you good at? And what are you not so great at?  And then hire people with skills that complement yours. Let them thrive in your zone of genius while you get to stay in yours.

Not a natural planner? Hire a launch manager to plan and organise all the different parts of your launch.  They can keep an eye on all the moving pieces for you.

Not great with tech? Hire someone who loves the techy stuff to setup your webinars and email sequences.  

Facebook Ads give you a headache? Hire an ads manager.  

Having someone else take over these tasks will not only save your sanity, but they’ll likely be able to do it in half the time it takes you.  Save your energy for nurturing your audience, giving value, and making sales!

2 – Things that aren’t bringing in sales in your launch

This goes for everything in business, but while you’re in launch mode, it’s especially important.  Outsource tasks that are not directly selling your course or membership. Things like social media scheduling, video editing, or setting up landing pages or sales pages.  Even if you can do these tasks or enjoy this sort of thing, your attention should be on the things only you can do.

Save your time and energy for delivering webinars, running Facebook lives, and connecting and engaging with your audience.  

3 – Things that feel hard in your launch

What are the tasks that every time you go to do them it just feels heavy and hard? Hand them over.  

We all know your vibe attracts your tribe, so outsource the things that lower your vibration and leave you feeling drained.  Stick to the tasks that you enjoy, that feel easy and fun. Your audience will notice.

A few final words…

You don’t need to outsource it all at once. Start small and slow, and as you feel more comfortable you can outsource more and more each launch.

It’s allowed to be easy!  So if the thought of outsourcing is bringing up all sorts of limiting beliefs make sure you’re also doing the work to move through your upper limits.  

Make sure you have some systems in place so handing over the work you need done is as easy as possible.

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