It can be very easy to get to the end of your launch and jump straight into running your course or membership, or jumping right into the next project. But taking some time to review your launch, what worked, and what didn’t, will increase the results of your next launch. You’ll know what worked and what to do again next time, and you’ll also know what didn’t so you can try a different approach for your next launch.

Here’s what you should review at the end of your launch:

Review your launch stats and numbers

Looking at your numbers and stats is important. They give you objective information and can help you pinpoint what worked well, and what you might want to improve next time.

Income, Expenses and Profit

  • Total sales
  • Sales at Early Bird price
  • Sales at Full Price
  • Ad spend
  • Other expenses
  • Launch profit

Other metrics

  • Webinar sign ups and live attendees
  • Email open and click through rates
  • Sales page views and conversions
  • List growth during the launch period
  • Social media growth during the launch period

Reflective launch review questions

Stats are important, but they only tell part of the story. It’s also important to look at how you felt during the launch. Take some time to sit and reflect on your launch, before, during and after.

  • What felt easy?
  • What felt hard?
  • Where could you get some support next launch?
  • What can you celebrate about this launch?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Any changes to your strategy next launch?

Improvements for your next launch

While you’re reviewing your launch it’s also a great time to note down any ideas or improvements for your next launch.

  • What tweaks can you make to the sales page?
  • Any FAQs you could add to the sales page?
  • Content ideas for blogs, vlogs or FB lives
  • What updates are needed to your emails?
What to review at the end of your next launch
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